5 Reasons Why Installing A Shade Sail Over Your Swimming Pool Makes Perfect Sense

Having a swimming pool at your home to sit and relax around or to cool off in on hot, sunny days, is fantastic, but we wish you to know it would be even better if there were shade sails above your swimming pool. If you are unaware of what shade sails are, they are large and robust pieces of fabric that are stretched and tensioned by using fixing points around the area they are located.

The name shade sails should give you some more indication as to what their primary purpose is and the image of a sail on a ship hopefully gives you a picture in your mind’s eye as to what they look like. Nevertheless, shade sails can be made in lots of different sizes, come in a multitude of different colours, and can even be custom-made for specific areas and purposes.

As for how shade sails would augment your swimming pool there are several reasons why that is the case. Carry on reading and you will see that we highlight five of them and in doing so reveal why many people are now asking local shade sail companies to design, supply, and install shade sails above their swimming pool.

Reason #1 – Protection For Your Family From The Harmful Rays Of The Sun

Whilst being bathed in sunlight is essential for our health, such as the Vitamin D it provides, the sun can also be one of the biggest health dangers. That is especially so when we are exposed to its UV rays for an excessive length of time where the risks range from sunburn to heat stroke and worst of all skin cancer. With shade sails above your swimming pool, they provide much-needed shade to limit direct exposure to UV rays for everyone using the pool.

Reason #2 – Keeps The Pool And Surrounding Area Cooler

One of the reasons people love being in their swimming pool is it allows them to cool off in hot temperatures. That can be compromised if the pool has no covering. Shade sails provide the ideal way to cover a pool, create shade, and thus make the pool cooler. Shade sails can be installed so that they provide shade in the areas surrounding the pool where you, your family, or guests will be sitting.

Reason #3 – Reduces Pool Running Costs

With the shade created by shade sails reducing the temperatures in your pool, it means there is less need for pool temperature regulation and less water evaporates, both of which will save you money on power and water bills. In addition, fewer chemicals are required to keep the water free of bacteria and thus the filtration system and its pumps are not required to run as often, making further savings on running costs.

Reason #4 – Less Debris in Your Swimming Pool

With shade sails fixed above your swimming pool, they can stop debris such as pieces of litter, leaves, small twigs, and other organic matter from falling onto its surface. Organic matter especially can start to rot if not removed and this can create contaminates in the water which is not only unhealthy for those swimming in the pool, but pool cleaning also has to be increased which incurs unnecessary additional costs.

Reason #5 – Value Added to Your Home

Shade sails might not add the amount of value that an extension or loft conversion might, but they add value, nonetheless. It means anyone considering your home will take into account that the pool area is enhanced thanks to the shade sails, and also that they will not have to spend money installing shade sails as they are already there. Shade sails also provide a great selling point which can tilt the balance to it being sold for its asking price versus not being sold at all.