5 Reasons Why Installing A Shade Sail Over Your Swimming Pool Makes Perfect Sense

Having a swimming pool at your home to sit and relax around or to cool off in on hot, sunny days, is fantastic, but we wish you to know it would be even better if there were shade sails above your swimming pool. If you are unaware of what shade sails are, they are large and robust pieces of fabric that are stretched and tensioned by using fixing points around the area they are located.

The name shade sails should give you some more indication as to what their primary purpose is and the image of a sail on a ship hopefully gives you a picture in your mind’s eye as to what they look like. Nevertheless, shade sails can be made in lots of different sizes, come in a multitude of different colours, and can even be custom-made for specific areas and purposes.

As for how shade sails would augment your swimming pool there are several reasons why that is the case. Carry on reading and you will see that we highlight five of them and in doing so reveal why many people are now asking local shade sail companies to design, supply, and install shade sails above their swimming pool.

Reason #1 – Protection For Your Family From The Harmful Rays Of The Sun

Whilst being bathed in sunlight is essential for our health, such as the Vitamin D it provides, the sun can also be one of the biggest health dangers. That is especially so when we are exposed to its UV rays for an excessive length of time where the risks range from sunburn to heat stroke and worst of all skin cancer. With shade sails above your swimming pool, they provide much-needed shade to limit direct exposure to UV rays for everyone using the pool.


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Five of the Best Pot Plants for an Outdoor Oasis

To many people, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. After all, it’s the place where the family gathers to raid the fridge and catch up in the morning for breakfast. However, the outdoor patio area or balcony, with garden pots, nature, and spectacular views, is coming in at a close second.

Many people are beginning to see the value in creating exceptional indoor-outdoor flow with their home. They want a property that’s as comfortable outside as it is indoors. Most importantly, they want an outdoor oasis with an emphasis on nature so that they can step out into a paradise on their doorstep. These plants might be able to help achieve that look of a global gardening.

Silver Lady Fern

Landscapers advise that when you start looking for plants to add to your garden pots gracing your balcony, a silver lady fern should be one of the first to consider. Even though it seems quite pretty and precious, it’s one of the more robust plants for an oasis environment. It can handle adverse weather conditions while standing out from the crowd with its lush fronds.

Imperial Bromeliad

If you have plenty of space and want to fill it with plants, garden pots, and nature for as far as the eye can see, then there are few better plants to start with than the imperial bromeliad. This plant is a real beauty and spans at least two metres wide.


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Things to Consider When Planning a Patio

When you make that decision to install a patio, there’s more to it than buying materials from perthbuildingmaterials.com.au,
measuring off a chunk of your backyard and pouring the cement. But before we get into some handy tips, it should be categorically stated that in Australia, a house is not a home without a patio. The word might be Latin, from Roman days, but it was created to describe the Aussie lifestyle even before Australia was discovered!

Must Have – No Question

Because a patio is such a way of life here, there is no end to designs, paving materials, roofing styles, BBQ areas, and the finishing touch with smart looking outdoor furniture. The shape and size of your property might be important for your design, but does not affect your decision to build your patio. It’s going to be your main entertainment area and you just make sure it looks great nestled in your garden and home.

Some Considerations

Apart from being a great place to relax, for what else will you be using the patio? If you have lots of friends do you intend to entertain large groups of people, or host intimate gatherings? How close to your home should it be? Will you install a fire pit so you can be outside in the colder weather? Better you make sure the fire pit is well away from the home, as recommended by Fire Services. Just how big is your yard? A big patio will overtake a smaller yard. Do you want some sunshine or for your patio to be completely shady?


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How to Ensure Your Business Decor Welcomes Clients

Not all office decor is welcoming to clients. If they have to wait for long, providing an outdoor or veranda waiting area is often possible. Having attractive outdoor furniture for them to sit in will ensure they remain happy while waiting.

Even some medical centres have chairs in the waiting room that are so uncomfortable as to put people off going. When you come to think of it, the people who visit a medical centre are sick in some way or they wouldn’t be going there. Therefore, comfortable seating should be paramount.

Yet many, especially in country villages, offer chairs with stiff, upright backs and hard seats that are extremely uncomfortable.  When you consider that the wait times often extend to more than an hour in a busy country practice, this is a long time to sit in a chair that is horribly uncomfortable when you are feeling ill to start with.

But it is not only medical centres that could stand to have more comfortable seating. Any business that includes clients coming in to meet with the staff or manager requires a place with comfortable seating that welcomes those clients, otherwise they will go elsewhere.  Easy chairs that are not too low – and thus hard for some older people to get out of –  can easily be found at any furniture store, so why use uncomfortable furniture?


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