About Us

Zawadzki Landscaping combines over 45 years of landscaping and building experience between our two head managers, Tony and Sebastien, so we know what we’re doing.

Based in the beautiful state of New York, we are proud to say we hire local workers to help boost the local economy, bettering the society around us, while we make the environment around us beautiful.

Our landscaping work ranges from a full garden and landscaping design and construction to a simple fence installation. We are also very good at most types of swimming pools.

Tony and Sebastien have won numerous awards over the years for different companies they have been apart of, and since the formation of Zawadzki Landscaping, in 2012, they have won four prestigious awards in the area of landscaping and construction.

We are proud to have worked all over the state of New York, and a few out of state jobs, and are proud to be helping the American Economy!

Please, have a browse of our website, and ask us any queries on our Contact Us page.