5 Reasons Why Installing A Shade Sail Over Your Swimming Pool Makes Perfect Sense

Having a swimming pool at your home to sit and relax around or to cool off in on hot, sunny days, is fantastic, but we wish you to know it would be even better if there were shade sails above your swimming pool. If you are unaware of what shade sails are, they are large and robust pieces of fabric that are stretched and tensioned by using fixing points around the area they are located.

The name shade sails should give you some more indication as to what their primary purpose is and the image of a sail on a ship hopefully gives you a picture in your mind’s eye as to what they look like. Nevertheless, shade sails can be made in lots of different sizes, come in a multitude of different colours, and can even be custom-made for specific areas and purposes.

As for how shade sails would augment your swimming pool there are several reasons why that is the case. Carry on reading and you will see that we highlight five of them and in doing so reveal why many people are now asking local shade sail companies to design, supply, and install shade sails above their swimming pool.

Reason #1 – Protection For Your Family From The Harmful Rays Of The Sun

Whilst being bathed in sunlight is essential for our health, such as the Vitamin D it provides, the sun can also be one of the biggest health dangers. That is especially so when we are exposed to its UV rays for an excessive length of time where the risks range from sunburn to heat stroke and worst of all skin cancer. With shade sails above your swimming pool, they provide much-needed shade to limit direct exposure to UV rays for everyone using the pool.


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A Look At The Different Glass Pool Fencing Styles

Glass pool fencing is becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia. As a strong, sustainable fencing choice, people are choosing glass because it looks great, it’s affordable and it’s arguably the best pool fencing choice on the market today.

However, there are a few different styles that you will need to choose between if you decide to build a pool fence out of glass. Each style has its own pros and cons, and it’s especially important to think about which one is the most suited to your needs.

With this in mind, let’s have at the two most common glass fencing styles:

Frameless Glass Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing involves the use of simple glass panels, which are secured to the ground with inconspicuous stainless steel fittings. It’s a great choice when it comes to gaining a clear, unobstructed view of your swimming pool (from the outside) and other surrounding areas (from the inside), and has become the most popular choice as far as glass balustrading or fencing styles go.

When built right, frameless glass pool fences will give your home a high-class look due to their exquisite appearance and beautiful finish. The installation of frameless glass fences is simple, which means that costs can be kept low in this area. All in all, frameless pool fencing is something that you should definitely consider if you’re thinking about building a new pool fence.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Include a Pool in Your Garden Design

When it comes to landscape design, your options are almost endless. There are many, many things that you can include to improve both your life and the lives of your friends and family. One of the most popular garden design features for people living in hot climates is the swimming pool.

Pools are a great place for socialising, relaxing, and cooling off in the summer months. If you have the space and budget for a pool, you should definitely consider installing one in your new garden. Some of the reasons why you should add a pool renovation to your landscape design include:

  1. Pools are great for outdoor activities:

If you are an outdoorsy person who enjoys spending time in the sun, then a pool will be perfect for you. They are a great place for entertaining visitors, for socialising with friends, or even for having some fun with your pets. If you enjoy outdoor activities, then make sure that you include a pool in your landscape design!

  1. Pools can create their own microclimates:

Depending on how you set it up, a backyard pool can help keep the whole area cooler. Many people plant a lush garden around their pool, which often contributed to shading the area and keeping you out of direct sunlight. Others choose to cover their pool with some sort of shade structure. In this case, the shading will help keep the surrounding air fresh and cool, helping you relax on a warm summer’s day. Note that you shouldn’t plant things too close to the pool, of they may intrude and make the water dirty.


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How to Clean a Pool that Has Been Flooded

Having a pool is wonderful fun for those who enjoy swimming and water play in the hot weather.  Automatic pool cleaners really help make the hard work of keeping that pool clean much easier, especially those that can be set and forgotten while they chug away clearing out debris and even scrubbing walls.

However, if your pool is outdoors and gets flooded, it will take more than a cleaner to get rid of all that brown water and the mud that is in it – and all the mud that will accumulate on the bottom of the pool. So what is the best way to clean out a pool that is full of floodwater?

Check the surrounding area for safety

If you’ve been inundated by a raging river it is likely that the safety fence around the pool has been washed away or compromised in some way. Once the water has receded, check the area for safety before allowing anyone near it. You may have to remove flood debris from around the area, make sure there are no hidden holes and see what condition the fence is in, if it is still there. If it’s not, put a barrier in place to keep children out.


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