Five of the Best Pot Plants for an Outdoor Oasis

Best Pot Plants

To many people, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. After all, it’s the place where the family gathers to raid the fridge and catch up in the morning for breakfast. However, the outdoor patio area or balcony, with garden pots, nature, and spectacular views, is coming in at a close second.

Many people are beginning to see the value in creating exceptional indoor-outdoor flow with their home. They want a property that’s as comfortable outside as it is indoors. Most importantly, they want an outdoor oasis with an emphasis on nature so that they can step out into a paradise on their doorstep. These plants might be able to help achieve that look of a global gardening.

Silver Lady Fern

Landscapers advise that when you start looking for plants to add to your garden pots gracing your balcony, a silver lady fern should be one of the first to consider. Even though it seems quite pretty and precious, it’s one of the more robust plants for an oasis environment. It can handle adverse weather conditions while standing out from the crowd with its lush fronds.

Imperial Bromeliad

If you have plenty of space and want to fill it with plants, garden pots, and nature for as far as the eye can see, then there are few better plants to start with than the imperial bromeliad. This plant is a real beauty and spans at least two metres wide.

You can plant it in a garden pot to start with, but it won’t be long until its creeping across your garden and creating a tropical oasis of which you may have only dreamed. You can also choose the imperial bromeliad in two varieties – silver plum and rubra.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

When you’re creating an oasis in your Australian backyard, you’ll possibly be looking for plants that look like they belong in the rainforest. The fiddle leaf fig is one of them. This common houseplant that shot to fame in the 1960s and 70s is tall, handsome, and almost impossible to kill. If you’re forgetful and quite neglectful with your plants, it’s an excellent option.

Port Wine Magnolia

As beautiful as its name, the port wine magnolia is a shrub that adds life and vibrancy to any outdoor area. Once it outgrows its garden pots, it becomes a compact, stunning plant that offers screen-like protection. In spring, it also lets off a lovely bubblegum fragrance.

Golden Cane Palm

If your oasis requires a bit of shelter, shade, and privacy, then consider obtaining a golden cane palm. This palm can grow up to ten metres high and is dense to offer protection. What’s more, it can handle anything – from intense sun to blowing winds.

If you’re ready to turn your outdoor area from something ordinary to spectacular, then all it can take is a few garden pots full of the right plants. It’s time to go shopping!