Landscaping Ideas to Compliment Your New Lawn

If you have a new house, you might be looking at developing your yard area. One of your first considerations will probably be the size and shape of your lawn. Once you have laid some new roll-on turf your yard may still look a bit unfinished, and you might decide to add a few more landscaping ideas.

While the shape and size of your lawn is probably the most important consideration, you should think about what other features you want your yard to have. Things like rock walls or water fountains can be interesting additions to your garden, and you should definitely consider adding some edible plants or fruit trees.

Some great landscaping ideas for a perfect new garden include:

Paths and borders:
Paths and borders are a great way to split up your garden into different sections. Consider placing small borders or retaining walls around grassed areas. A lot of people choose to build these out of small limestone blocks or bricks.

If you have room for garden paths, then try and match the colours of your path with the colours of your borders or fences. Consider patterned paths, especially if you use bricks or pavers.

Water fountains and ponds:
Small ponds are great in almost any garden. As long as you have enough water to maintain them, ponds can attract wildlife to your garden, can provide a refuge for frogs and insects, and they even look great! Adding a fountain to your pond can help keep the water clean and aerated, and putting a few fish in the water will help keep it free of algae and other plants.

There are so many different types of plants to consider when it comes to designing the layout of your new garden. Once you have laid your new lawn, you might consider putting a few trees or large shrubs within the lawn. Some popular types of plants for new gardens include:

Fruit Trees – These are great. They have beautiful flowers, they are green during spring and summer, and they will give you loads of wonderful fruit to feast on throughout the summer months!
Evergreens – A few evergreen trees and shrubs are essential for most gardens. Without them, you might find garden looking decidedly grey and boring in the winter. Choose large perennials which won’t die if it gets too wet or cold.

Small flowering plants – The beauty of small flowering plants is that you can plant new ones every year. They essentially allow you to redesign your garden yearly, but note that they can be a lot of work to plant and maintain.

Raised Vegetable Gardens:
Raised veggie beds are great because they are something a bit different which most people simply don’t have in their garden. They allow you to grow your own vegetables, which you can feast on throughout the year!

Landscaping doesn’t have to be hard. Before you install your new turf, simply sit down and draw out a rough yard plan. Decide what you want to put where, and most importantly, have fun!